Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Window Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

  • Shared Web Hosting

    » Does Window Web Hosting have a “Control Panel” or some other utility to manage my website?
    Yes, Window Web Hosting features an enhanced user interface that is fully integrated with WHMCS. Our single-sign on control panel gives you access to domain registrations and other hosting account features. Our hosting accounts feature WHMCS which is the industry leading control panel and provides a rich online environment from where you can manage your web hosting.

    » Can I add software to my account?
    Yes. You have complete control over all aspects of your account, including the installation of software. If you install software not included in your hosting plan, we cannot guarantee its functionality and it will not be supported by our technical support staff. However, because we offer support for Perl, PHP, MySQL, and other programming languages, you have very few limitations when it comes to which software you can install.

    » What is the difference between name-based and IP-based hosting?
    Name-based hosting is when hosting sites share a single IP address, with site traffic directed by the server to the appropriate hosting account by examining ‘host headers’. IP-based hosting accounts come with a unique IP address that is not shared with anyone else. At any time, for an additional $ 2.00 per month, you can convert a name-based account to an IP based account.
    Some of the features that require IP based hosting are:

    • Purchasing your own SSL certificate and using your own domain name for SSL access (secure socket layer).
    • Anonymous FTP (file sharing) for your visitors is not possible under name-based hosting.
    • Running scripts or software that requires a unique IP.

    » How can I change my account from name-based to IP-based?
    If your account is on a plan that is name-based and you would like it to be IP-based, you can do so by logging into your control panel at Window Web Hosting portal and ordering an IP address add-on for your hosting service. The charge for doing this is only $2.00 per month.

    » Can I monitor my disk space and bandwidth usage?
    Yes. You may monitor disk space and bandwidth usage from within your control panel.

    » How much does additional bandwidth cost?
    If you need additional bandwidth for your account you will need to upgrade to a larger plan. You can upgrade to a larger plan through your control panel at Window Web Hosting portal. The cost will depend upon the plan you select. You can also log into your control panel at any time to view your current bandwidth usage statistics.

    » Can I upgrade my account if I need to?
    Yes. You can upgrade your account at anytime. You will pay the difference between your current account and your new account. There are no extra fees involved in upgrading. You can upgrade your account by logging into your control panel.

    » How do I transfer files to my website?
    Files must be transferred to the Web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP) or your account’s Web-based File Manager.

    » Will I have unlimited access to update and make changes to my pages?
    You have unlimited access via FTP and the Web-based File Manager 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. As such, you can create and maintain your Web pages on your own computer and upload files to your website at your leisure.

    » How long does it take to set up a new account?
    New accounts are guaranteed to be set up within 24 hours from the time we receive your order, but are generally setup instantly after payment. Once an account is set up an activation notice will be sent to you via e-mail including your account information. You can begin uploading files to your new website immediately. You will be given a temporary web address to access the site prior to the completion of either domain registration or domain transfer so you can start working with your account right away.

    » Can I use my account for commercial purposes?
    Yes, you can use your account to build and run your business, including e-commerce. The World Wide Web has become an efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to a wide user base, and we encourage our clients to use this flexible medium.

    » Can I subdivide my space and resell it?
    Yes, we do allow you to create subdirectories which you can use to offer friends or clients space as long as it’s within our terms of service. However, if you are looking to resell space, you should look at our Reseller Hosting Plans. These plans come with the use of a control panel that allows you to control multiple accounts from one easy to use interface. These plans allow you to pass on more tools and services to your clients and friends, and keep data separated for better security.

    » Can you host domain names other than .com .net .org .biz .info and .us?
    Window Web Hosting can host any domain name. However, we only offer a limited assortment of domains that can be registered or transferred to us. For a list of these domains please contact us.

    » Can I have additional domain names point to my hosting account?
    You will have the option to point multiple domains at the same directory (e.g. and point to the same place), or to separate directories (e.g. to /domain1directory/, to /domain2directory/).

    » How is billing handled?
    Depending on the plan, you have your choice of windows/linux, you can pay online through secured payment gateways. We accept payment from any part of the world. After you make the payment, you will receive a mail from us asking for your control panel details, server details, support desk details, company policies, etc. Once you provide us with the necessary details, we will start our support.

    » Is there any Guarantee of services?
    If you are not satisfied with our services after service delivery you can contact us within 7 days from your service delivery start date and we will issue a refund of the unused portion of service.

    » Will my clients know if the support is outsourced?
    We thrive to become an extension to your company. Never do we let your clients know that the support is outsourced. The reply that goes to your clients bears the signature that shows your company name. Something similar to what you would have done if the support guy’s were in your company.

  • Web Hosting Resellers

    » How much money can I make being a Reseller?
    The earning potential as a Reseller is practically limitless. The reseller program allows you to charge whatever you want and sell as many Web hosting plans as you would like. The Reseller program also allows you the ability to create and customize your own plans, for even greater flexibility and higher margins.

    » How is billing handled?
    As the Reseller you are responsible for collecting payment from your clients individually. We will bill you directly for your Reseller hosting plan according to the billing cycle you selected when signing up.

    » How is technical support handled?
    You will be the first point of contact for your clients. You can then directly contact our Technical Support department for those technical support issues you need assistance with. We will provide the answers that you can use to assist your clients.

    » Is overselling possible?
    As a Window Web Hosting reseller you are given a large amount of space to divide between each of your hosting accounts. With our reseller control panel, you can sell more space than you actually have. You would not be required to upgrade your plan until you have exceeded the TOTAL usage of your account. This way you are only paying for what you need but have the ability to expand as needed.

    » Is there a fee to upgrade my reseller hosting plan or one discount level to the next?
    As a Reseller you can upgrade to a larger reseller plan at any time and pay only the prorated difference between the plans. There is no other fee associated with upgrading to a higher plan.

    » Can I get a shared SSL certificate to use with all of my clients?
    Yes. All Window Web Hosting reseller accounts support SSL and have access to the Window Web Hosting shared SSL certificate for custom scripts and securing sensitive data. You can also purchase and use your own certificate for your accounts to use, or if you’d prefer, this can be purchased from us.

    » Who handles the domain name registration for my clients?
    We offer domain registration services for Resellers via the Domain Registration Order Form in our customer portal.

  • VPS and Dedicated Servers

    » Do you have an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
    Yes, we do have an SLA on our Dedicated and Virtual Servers.

    » How long does it take to get my server set up?
    We guarantee that all our standard server configurations will be set up within 2-3 business day. Factors contributing to longer setup times may include server add-ons, custom configurations, and payment approval time, Window Web Hosting Virtual Servers come with instant setup.

    » Can my server’s hardware be upgraded? What are the fees for this?
    You can upgrade your server to a larger plan at any time (Dedicated Server Upgrades or Virtual Server Upgrades). You may also “add-on” additional hardware, software, and features to your server at any time by contacting us, for individual pricing, and more information, please contact us.

    » How do I add additional IP addresses? Is there an upgrade fee?
    You can purchase additional IPs, prices vary depending on the amount.

    » What is Name Based Hosting? Do I need an IP for each domain on my server?
    Name Based Hosting is a method used to allow a server to host multiple domains with only one IP address. You do not need an IP address for each site. In fact, you only need one IP for the entire server. Name Based Hosting does not affect the performance or appearance of the domains hosted, and it’s a good way to economize on IP usage.
    Please note, however, that some applications and services require a dedicated IP. These include things like SSL Certificates and Anonymous FTP.

    » What is RAID?
    RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a method for storing data on multiple hard disks, then linking the disks so that the operating system on your server views them as a single entity. At Window Web Hosting, we offer RAID for with our Dedicated Servers.

    » Who is responsible for the server hardware?
    Window Web Hosting guarantees the functioning of all dedicated server leased hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost to the client. Hardware repair/replacement will begin immediately upon identification of a hardware problem. Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, Hard Disk(s), Motherboard, NIC Card, and other related hardware included under the server lease. The time required to repair/replace hardware does not include software reinstallation and/or data recovery from backup tapes/disks (time frame depends on size of disk). You can find complete details about our Hardware Guarantee by contacting us.

    » What is your uptime guarantee?
    Window Web Hosting’s servers connect to the Internet through redundant high-speed connections on diverse backbones, ensuring data delivery to the end user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. Window Web Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance of 1 hour per month and prior notified upgrades. Window Web Hosting’s powerful network combined with 24/7/365 monitoring by highly qualified network engineers and administrators, guarantee the functioning of all network infrastructure including routers, switches, and cabling.

    » Will I have Root Access?
    Window Web Hosting Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers both come with complete root access.

    » What is a Data Center?
    Within the Web hosting industry, a Data Center is a facility used to store and manage Web sites and other Internet information and hardware infrastructure. These Data Centers contain computer servers connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Redundancy is a common theme found within high quality data centers and also can be implemented in varying degrees. Our data centers are Tier-3 centers, which are defined as having an uptime of greater than 99.98%. Data Centers are secure facilities that may also contain a network operations center (NOC) used for monitoring server activity, Internet traffic and network performance. We have an in-house Data Center and NOC.

    » What is your policy on bandwidth?
    Each dedicated server and VPS comes with a bandwidth limit. If you exceed your plans monthly allotment, you will be billed extra.
    You can purchase additional bandwidth in advance at an affordable price.