About Us

Window Web Hosting is a venture of Byte Technosys Pvt. Ltd. Window Web Hosting was launched in May 2003 with a view to provide the best services and support on Windows Hosting platform. Since then, the company has been constantly growing. The success of our company is due to our profound technical expertise and proactive customer support.

Since our foray into the web hosting market, we have established several principles for doing business. These principles and overall mission of Window Web Hosting can be best described in three areas:

  • Focus

Window Web Hosting provides scalable web hosting solutions for thousands of organizations worldwide through our superior products and responsive support group. We hope to continuously grow our client base as a reward for our quality of service, reliability, and superior product line.

  • Reliability

With our cross-country network, peering relationships, superior network and server technologies, we hope to exceed all other firms in terms of quality of service, product line, and support services. Our commitment to reliability will be evident from the technology in which we invest.

  • Customer “First” Approach

We will strive to keep our customers satisfied with the services rendered. Our commitment to continually add new products as hosting technologies evolve without compromising our quality of service is at the forefront of our mission. Our commitment will focus on quality of service, reliability, and support.