Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated servers plan, your site resides on its own server, decreasing the risk of server-related difficulties. The increased power and autonomy of a dedicated server provides enhanced storage resources and computing capacity. Dedicated servers are designed for customers with high traffic volumes and complex requirements such as ASP, Cold Fusion, MS SQL and intensive product-based shopping systems.

They reduce response time and increase processing speed, allowing for faster access to your Web site services and information. Web sites on dedicated servers typically have database-driven content that requires multiple applications and database servers to operate. Additionally, users who want increased flexibility, rock-solid reliability and the freedom to install or operate anything they want will require our dedicated server packages.

Dedicated Server
You can customize your requirement according to the specifications required (RAM, HDD, Processor, Database options, control panel, firewall, etc.)Based on your custom requirement, we will provide a custom quote.
Business Hosting Packages
Step up to the next level of Website Hosting
Managed Windows VPS as low as INR 3850 per month.
2 Cores | 60 GB HDD | 1 GB RAM | 1 TB Transfer and more.
Choose your OS: Windows/Linux
Enterprise Hosting Packages
Virtual Private Server Features
  • » Dual Intel Quad core Processors
  • » RAID Protected Servers
  • » Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • » Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • » Isolated VPS
  • » Security and Control
  • » MySQL & MS SQL Databases
  • » MySQL 5 Databases
  • » Full Remote desktop access to your VPS (RDC Access)
  • » VPS Manager Control Panel
  • » Upgrade at any time
  • » Remote FTP Backup
  • » 99.50% Uptime Guarantee